The Presidency is Crashing!

hopefully Biden's end is near...


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The Presidency is Crashing!

Welcome to the show, The Presidency and our worthless President Biden is crashing, all 12,000 of Joe’s personalities have escaped and are driving up inflation, working to take your rights away and enrich his friends.

For 36 years, all the personalities lived together in one body. However, once Joe Biden was elected, his mind crashed and most of them escaped and have been playing President since. The final and most powerful of Joe’s personalities escaped last week. ONE-HUNDRED-TWENTY-FIVE of the most unique Crashing Bidens are free after 36 plus years of being suppressed and held captive in JOE. They are now wreaking havoc on America’s financial & political systems, and moral values, the full extent of their evil and final goals are unknown…


The Worthless Bidens are the rarest 125 Crashing Bidens who escaped from Joe’s mind to wreak havoc on American values.


1% - Welcome to the Club!

Take a seat, join other fellow Biden’s on Discord, and sip a glass of champagne. We will be raffling 10 Crashing Bidens once we reach 25% sold-out and again at 75% sold-out.

25% - BYE JOE Sandwich

Crashing Biden holders will be benefit for being part of the community. 50% of the secondary-market royalties will be dedicated to a marketing fund to ensure the Crashing Biden’s longevity through marketing campaigns and floor sweeps.


Launch of the Crashing Biden & BYE JOE merch collection, with the option of receiving royalties for having your Crashing Biden NFT printed on merch.

75% - TO THE MOON!

A total of 20 Crashing Bidens, including 3 Crashing Biden Worthless 125, will be raffled among all the Crashing Biden holders.


You’ve told us where your donation or contribution is going to be sent and we mail each of the following 6 Charities or Campaigns their portion of $1,000,000 in US Currency.

Charitable Organizations

Political Campaigns


Our goal is to make sure Crashing Bidens remains relevant and exciting. To do this, we will implement multiple strategies after mint that will ensure strong demand for Crashing Biden NFTS.


After investing over $100,000 in marketing to create an active and successful launch, we will continue invest in influencers to keep the momentum going. We want to make sure your Crashing Biden thrives through time, the best way to do this is with multiple awareness campaigns.


Once the mint is complete (100% SOLD OUT), all Crashing Bidens will be entered to be invited to an exclusive Trump speaking event, meet and greet and private dinner located in an easy to get to travel destination with a world class venue.*

1,200 holders will get to listen to TRUMP speak at this private venue.
480 holders will get invited to a personal meet & greet with 45 himself.
120 holders will get to have dinner with Donald in a private intimate setting


We will reward Crashing Biden holders for helping the project grow and the community thrive.Every month ten owners of the Crashing Bidens NFTs will be rewarded with a $1,000 Bonus, hold on tight!


The opinion of Joe Biden may not matter to us, but the opinion of Crashing Biden holders’ matter to us the most. We will regularly hold polls in our Discord channel or via email for verified holders to voice their opinions on important decisions regarding the future of the project.


There are 12,000 unique Crashing Bidens each created with a randomized mix of over 777 hand drawn traits.

Price starts at $250 US + 3% CC FEE or .1 ETH. (+gas fees)

Once you have minted a CRASHING BIDEN NFT, you will be able to see it by connecting your crypto wallet to OpenSea and/or Coinbase.

Yes, we will be holding a presale prior to the public launch for our Whitelist members. Please join the Whitelist by submitting your information when arriving on our site or by navigating to the WHITELIST tab in the menu. The Whitelist spots will be very limited!


You can use your Crashing Biden as a profile picture online and you can also resell your Crashing Biden. Your Crashing Biden entitles you the opportunity to purchase event tickets for upcoming speaking events, meet and greets and private dinners with relevant conservative people of interest. Your Crashing Biden will become a relevant 3d avatar for the metaverse in time. Additional Utility to be added.

Yes, half of the secondary sales royalties will be accumulated in a marketing wallet for the benefit of the Crashing Biden holders. A portion of those royalties will go towards marketing and floor sweeps to make sure that the project continues to grow. The balance will be distributed to charities, campaigns and the community in a manner determined by a vote.

Yes, you will own all intellectual & commercial property rights to the Crashing Biden NFT, which means you can use it to create and sell merch. We have several mechanisms in place to allow you to benefit from out 25 million daily visits to our conservative watch group sister sites.


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